1. How to get a free quote? It’s easy. Just click the Free Quote link to send us a bracelets quote, we will reply to you with prices and turnaround time after several hours or less via email. Also, you can contact us via email directly. If you have a rush quote you can contact us via Live Chat. 2. How to place an order? Click the Order Now link you can submit your order online, we will send a order receipt to you after we got your order and start production right away! Please contact us first if you have a question regarding the prices, turnaround time and so on before you place the order. 3. What is my order turnaround time? The turnaround time depends on the production time and shipping time. Our standard production time and shipping time are all 7 days, this means you will get your order after 2 weeks. Also rush service available if you want them less than 2 weeks. 4. Do you offer rush service? Sure of course. If the bracelets are shipping to a US or a Canada address, the fastest turnaround time is only 3 days. It includes 1 day production time and 2 days shipping. For the international orders, please contact us first. 5. What is the minimum order quantity? 50 wristbands per order. WE require a minimum quantity of 20 wristbands per order. 6. How much do you charge? The prices vary with the types of wristband, the color types and the outerside/innerside messages. We will make sure you will pay the LOWEST cost here. 7. Are there any hidden fees? No. You do not need to pay anything after placed the order..All the taxes, duties and so on are charged to our account for both US orders and international orders. 8. What methods of payment are accepted? You can make a purchase using the following credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or Ameican Express. You may also pay with PayPal. Please note we do not accept purchase order and check order at the moment. 9. How to place an order online? There are 2 steps to submit your order online. Step 1:Choose a Bracelet Style At this step, you can choose a type of wristband style for your order. We offer 5 different types of wristbands, debossed, embossed, color filled, printed and 1 inch width. If you are not sure which type is okay for you please contact us first. Step 2:Select the bracelet message You can type your wristband messages at this step. If you do not want the back message, you do not need to type anything on the Back Message field. If you want to add a custom logo then choose , you can upload your logo here. There is a digital proof required if you choose Add a Custom Logo. Also, if you want to add the innerside message, just choose then type the innerside message below but if there is a logo included in the innerside message please contact us first. Step 3 Select Bracelet Size,Quantity,Font & Color At this step, you can select your wristband sizes, quantities, fonts and colors. For the wristband colors, if you want the solid colors, you just need to type the correct Pantone # on the right, for example “pantone 021”. If you want the vertical colors or swirl colors, then you need to type the Pantone #s on the right, for example “021 and 032 swirl”, “021 and 032”. Step 4:Extra options If you want extra options for your wristbands, just click the below button, you can choose 1 or more options. Step 5:Production & Shipping Options Please choose the correct production and shipping time at this step. If you want a digital proof then there is no guaranteed delivery available. 10. Is it safe to order online? Yes! It is safe to order from All of your information is secure throughout the checkout process. We encrypt all financial data during the checkout process by using 128-bit SSL technology. We will not share your information with any third-party organizations. You will see a little padlock in your browser indicating that we are secure. In order to make sure that you see this pad lock be sure to click “NO” if a question box appears and asks if you want to "View secure and non-secure items together". If you click ′Yes′ the site will still be secure you just won′t be able to see the pad lock anymore. In addition to the connection being secure, as an added protection to you, we will NOT store your credit card information. 11. How to choose the right bracelet styles? Mostly of the people prefer debossed style (The LiveStrong Style). However, if you want to imprint a very complex logo to the wristbands, we suggest you can use the printed wristbands style as the debossing process may not work. The best and fast way to find out the right style is contacting us with your logo/message. 12. What size should I get? We have 3 standard wristband sizes, 8” for adult, 7” for youth, 6.3” for kids. If you are not sure which is okay for you you can download our sizes spec sheet and simply print and cut out each size band and try on all sizes to see which one fits you best! 13. How to add my own logos? If you are ordering your wristbands online, you can upload your logo file to us at the second step: Step 2:Select the bracelet message. Also, you can send your logo file to us via email. Add a custom logo require a digital proof, it’s free to add one or more logos. 14. Can I use my own fonts? If the font you wanted not listed in our ordering system, you just need to tell us (you can tell us in the Order Notes in the bottom of the order page or via email ) the font name you wanted, we will use the right font for producing your wristbands. 15. How many colors do you have? We are using the Pantone colors so there are 1000+ colors available. 16. Can I use my own colors? Sure. If you have a sample in hands but you did not know what is the right color you can send the sample to us, we will match the color for you. Also, we can match the colors from the logos. We will find out the closest Pantone color to match your logo colors. 17. Can I split my order to several colors? No problem. Our minimum quantity per color is 50 wristbands. If you order 100, you can split your wristbands to 2 different colors, 50 each with free of charge. 18. How many letters can I use for my bracelets? We suggest the letters are less than 20 for both front message and back message due to the size of the wristbands. 19. What is the difference between the bracelet styles? The debossed wristband message is recessed into the wristbands, for contrary, the embossed wristband message is raised on the wristbands. The printed wristbands are plant wristbands printed your messages on it. If you want a debossed wristband but the message is with another colors, then you can use the color filled wristband type. 20.What are my bracelets made of? We use 100% silicone rubber which is SGS test passed and lead free quality. 21.What is your business hours? Our customer service time is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can contact us at any time. 22.What can I do if I did not 100% satisfied with my order? We stand behind each and every custom silicone bracelets order we produce and take great pride in our premium quality. We build out reputation on satisfied customer at a time and we intend to keep it that way. That′s why your order should meet or exceed your expectations. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will either promptly refund your money in full, or re-make your order FREE OF CHARGE—Whichever you prefer, no questions asked.